Holidays To Italy


Holidays To Italy

Whether you're in search of a beach upon which to relax, a gallery or museum to peruse, seemingly endless countryside to roam, or a bustling city to explore, Italy will take your breath away; a country for every kind of holiday, Italy's charms will leave you spoilt for choice. Its capital, for example, boasts striking architecture, an incredibly artistic heritage, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere that has tempted top designers and big brands alike, although it was once at the heart of an astonishing, formidable empire. 

Away from its capital city Italy has so much to tempt and inspire, including the canals of Venice, the beautiful Capri Amalfi Coast, the sun-drenched islands of Sardinia and Sicily, and the rustic appeal of Puglia, as well as sites of historical importance such as Pompeii and Herculaneum, and culture-rich cities including Florence and Naples. Bellissimo! 

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Italy Travel Information

There are regular direct flights from many UK airports to destinations in Italy.

  • Currency: Euro
  • Time difference: (GMT+2)
  • Flight from UK: Between 2 & 3 hours
  • Visa: not required for UK passport holders
  • Language: Italian
  • National drink:San Pellegrino, Aperol Spritz, Campari, Beer
  • National dish:Pasta, Pizza, Meats
Direct flights are available to mainland Italy and neighbouring Islands.

Travel Tips & Advice for Italy

Italy Activities

Few activities across Italy will inspire quite as much as sightseeing; regardless of your destination, there will always be something new to see, and learn. Explore the Vatican City, venture into Pompeii, wander around the cities of Milan or Florence, or scale Vesuvius for a taste of Italy at its most stirring. Away from the hubbub of Italy's roads, bicycling is a popular pastime, enabling you to see so much more of the scenery, while sailing tours are popular at many coastal destinations.

Italy Food & Drink

From pizza and pasta, to gelato and coffee, Italian cuisine is among the most inspiring, and delicious, in the world. The destination of your travels will, of course, determine the types of food you're likely to fall in love with; while coastal regions may offer a greater variety of fresh seafood and Mediterranean flavours, inland areas will have their own twists on those classic dishes. One thing is for sure; if you're looking for a truly authentic experience try a cookery class or food tour.

Italy Attractions

As a tourist in Italy, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to places to visit; the capital alone is blessed with sights such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and St. Peter's Basilica. Away from Rome, take a trip to the Amalfi Coast and wend your way between quaint fishing villages and beaches, head towards Mount Vesuvius and gaze into its crater, or wander the eerie streets of Pompeii and picture a life in Ancient Italy. Don't just visit Italy; absorb its culture and spirit.

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